ReTransfer Card Printers

DNP Ribbon Supplies

Connectable with CX-330/CX-120/CL-500D, field upgradable modular unit for dual side lamination. Various operation modes such as "TURN and SEND BACK"
"TURN and EJECT" "PASS THROUGH" according to operation needs.
DNP Ribbon Supplies

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Dye-sublimation ink ribbon
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (DNP), known as the world famous dye sublimation ink ribbon manufacture, has developed the ink ribbon for DNP CX-210/320/330 and CX-120. Unique lateral card conveyor system makes the ink ribbon capacity larger. RFID tag indicates the various status of the film available at CX-320/CX-330/CX-120 ink ribbon).

CX-210/320/330 Re-transfer Printers
Product name Printer Product no. Number of images
YMCK Ink Ribbon Set 210/320/330 CY-34OA-DN 1,000 panels/set
YMCK+K Ink Ribbon Set 210/320/330 CY-35KA-DN 1,500 cards(4c/1c)/set
YMCKUv Ink Ribbon 330 CY-35U-75D 750 panels/roll
Re-Transfer Film 210/320/330 CY-3RA-100 1,000 panels/roll
image YMCK X 1,000 panels/roll
image YMCK+K X 750 panels/roll
image YMCKUv X 750 panels/roll
image Re-Transfer Film 1,000 panels/roll


CX-120 Direct Card Printer
Product name Printer Product no. Number of images
YMCKO Ink Ribbon 120 CY-15C-75 750 panels/roll
YMCKOK Ink Ribbon 120 CY-16K-60 600 cards(4c/1c)/roll
K Resin Ink Ribbon 120 CY-11K-220 2,200 panels/roll
image YMCKO X 750 panels/roll
image YMCKOK X 600 panels/roll
image K Resin X 2,200 panels/roll

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