DNP CL-500D Laminator

CL-500D Laminator in-lined with CX120 and CX320 re-transfer card printer. Compact shape and uniformed desing with DNP CX320 and CX120
DNP CL-500D Laminator

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CL-500D Inline
Laminating unit
Dual Lamination Module

CL-500D provides more durability and security on the card. This unit in combination with DNP card printers would be most desirable for customers looking for extended life of a card. Same as DNP card printer, CL-500D is adopting

  1. lateral feeding
  2. high capacity film
  3. easy replaceable cartridge

based on DNP user friendly concept. CF-AT10D provide dual side laminate function by flipping card.

  • Field up-gradable to CX-330/CX-320/CX-120
  • Compact shape
  • High capacity patch film (containing 600 images) and overlay foil (containing 1,000 images) reduce the frequency of film change
  • Adopt easy replaceable cartridge
  • Various type of lamination film available
  • Custom design hologram available
  • Compliant with RoHS


Ideal application

  • Governmental project
  • High-security identification project
  • Driver license project
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CL-500D Specification
Laminating method Thermal roller transfer
Laminating side Single side(For double side option - please ask your distributor)
Laminating speed Less than 20 seconds/card
Laminating media 1.0mil full clear patch film
1.0mil smartcard cut clear patch film
0.6mil full clear patch film
0.6mil smartcard cut clear patch film
DNP generic design hologram overlay film
Customized hologram available for all the media
Interface Controlled from the printer
Stocker Capacity Use DNP card printer stocker 100 cards (0.76mm thickness)
Dimension W207 x H308 x D310.5(mm)
Weight 9kg
Operating Environment 15℃~30℃,30%~70% non condensing humidity
Storage Environment -15℃~55℃,20%~80% non condensing humidity


CF-AT10 Specification
Function: The unit provides card turn over function connected with CL-500D
lamination unit for dual side card lamination.
Dimension W110xH254xD241(mm)
Weight 3.2 kg
Operating Environment Same as CL-500D
Storage Environment Same as CL-500D
Electricity Supply supplied from CL-500D through connecting cable

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