DNP Laminate Media

Connectable with CX-330/CX-120/CL-500D, field upgradable modular unit for dual side lamination. Various operation modes such as "TURN and SEND BACK"
"TURN and EJECT" "PASS THROUGH" according to operation needs.
DNP Laminate Media

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Plain or holographic protective film media to give ID card security and more durablity



DNP CL-500D lamianation media
Based on the customer's requirement, we are able to offer various types of lamination media. There are mainly 2 types of media, one is patch film and the other is overlay foil. Patch film is a 1.0 mil or 0.6 mil polyester film and it gives more durability on the card. The hologram effect can also be added in patch film. Since it does not cover the whole surface of the card, there is about 2mm space around the card. For covering whole surface of the card, overlay foil would be a better choice. Because foil does not adhere onto the chip area, there is no need to prepare two types of overlay foil for normal card and chip card. In summary, the overlay foil gives more security on the card. However, it does not have much durability compared to the patch film.

Product name Product no. Number of images
Clear full area 1.0 mil patch CY-R10FC-60 600 images/roll
Clear full area 0.6 mil patch CY-R06FC-60 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 1.0 mil patch
(CX210/CX-320 printer only)
CY-R10SC-60 600 images/roll
Clear smart card cut 0.6mil patch
(CX210/CX320 printer only)
CY-R06SC-60 600 images/roll
Hologram Standard Overlay foil CY-R00RD-100 1,000 images/roll

※Custom design hologram patch/overlay is available.

Plain Patch
1.0 / 0.6 mil
Chip Patch
1.0 / 0.6 mil

Generic Holographic

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