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Symbol LS 3008 Scanner

The Symbol LS 3008 rugged handheld scanner offers affordable performance and durability in smaller manufacturing and light industrial environments. The LS 3008 features single board construction, eliminating the common points of failure associated with ri
Symbol LS 3008 Scanner

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Value class rugged scanner delivers affordable durability

The LS 3008 rugged handheld scanner offers affordable performance and durability in smaller manufacturing and light industrial environments. Built for all day every day use, the LS 3008 provides the highest level of uptime performance in its class. Single board construction eliminates the common points of failure associated with ribbon cables that connect multiple boards. The patented Liquid Polymer Scan Technology is frictionless and will not wear out. The scanner is built to withstand everyday drops; offers a scratch-resistant, tempered glass exit window for high-quality scanning day in and day out; and can be safely used in dusty environments. In addition, the scanner offers the sealing required to endure wipe downs, and can even be sanitized in clean manufacturing and hospital environments.

Superior functionality for superior productivity

This easy-to-use, lightweight and ergonomic device requires virtually no training and is packed with productivity enhancing features. Objects can be comfortably scanned at any angle the innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern eliminates the need for exact aim and positioning of the scanner. Users can move rapidly from one bar code to another without delay or rescanning, due to superior motion tolerance. With optimized optics, the LS 3008 helps deliver first time, every time scanning even on damaged and poorly printed bar codes. And the ability to automatically switch between handheld and hands-free modes minimizes hand motion and user fatigue, while maximizing worker productivity.

Low total cost of ownership

In addition to the productivity-enhancing features you need to keep business moving, the LS 3008 offers a low total cost of ownership. The rugged design significantly reduces device downtime. Support for Remote Scanner Management (RSM) enables you to discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location, dramatically reducing management time and costs. Multiple on-board interfaces provide true plug-and-play simplicity with your host system today, as well as tomorrow.

And since even rugged devices require a support plan, Symbol's Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support contract provides next-business-day delivery of a replacement device for maximized uptime and productivity. This offering also includes Symbol's unique Comprehensive Coverage, which extends normal wear and tear to cover accidental damage to scan elements, exit windows, and other internal and external components at no extra charge significantly eliminating your unforeseen repair expenses.

Features Benefits
Single board construction Eliminates the most common point of failure ribbon cables between multiple circuit boards
Drop specification: 6.5 ft./2m drops to concrete at room temperature Maximizes reliability and uptime
IP53 sealing Can be safely wiped down and sanitized for clean manufacturing and hospital environments
Liquid Polymer Scan element with lifetime warranty Eliminates friction and wear for superior durability and reliability
Wide working range from 0 to 19 inches Enables comfortable, intuitive scanning
Ability to read down to 3 mil bar codes Enables effortless scanning of smaller bar codes
Scratch resistant tempered glass exit window Delivers continuously reliable scanning
Superior motion tolerance Enables scanning of bar codes in rapid succession without delay; reduces fatigue and increases productivity
Multi-line rastering scan pattern Delivers superior scanning performance; eliminates need for exact aim and positioning; captures even tiny, stacked and poorly printed bar codes
Multiple onboard interfaces including RS232, USB and KBW (keyboard wedge) Simplifies installation and integration; ensures compatibility with host/POS today and tomorrow
Remote Scanner Management (RSM) support Discover, provision and upgrade devices from a central remote location; dramatically reduces management effort and costs
Optional Intellistand for hands-free mode Ability to switch between hands-free and handheld modes for maximum productivity and comfort


Part # Description
LS3008-SR20005ZZR LS 3008, Multi-Interface Scanner only. Color: Yellow. Cables not included. See accessories.
LS3008-SR20001ZZR LS 3008, Scanner only. Color: Yellow. Cables not included. See accessories.

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